Destination Photography For an Extra Special Wedding Day

Your wedding day is no doubt one of the most important days of your entire life and the events that will take on this special day are normally taken by a professional and skilled wedding photographer. Wedding photographs can be separated into three main parts and these are morning events, afternoon events and evening events. Normally, the photographs taken in the morning comprise of the preparations done prior to the actual wedding like the makeup and the dress preparation of the bride, group shots of the groom with his groomsmen. Photographs taken in the afternoon are primarily about the actual wedding like the saying of I do’s with beautiful scenery as the backdrop. Evening shots on the other hand is about the reception, the party and the couple dancing in the middle of the dance floor to name a few. This is an example of traditional photography however, wedding photography has evolved.

These days, pre-wedding photographs are becoming a trend. This kind of wedding photography is taken weeks, days or months before the actual matrimonial day. The pre-wedding photographs are then presented on the big day for all the invited guests on the wedding to see. The soon-to-be-married couples are prepped up to make them look more stunning on photos. They are then taken to a beautiful location depending on the theme of the pre-wedding photography to capture the couple together.

Just like everything, pre-wedding photography has been taken to greater heights thanks to destination wedding photography. Many couples nowadays are going overseas to have their pre-wedding photographs taken. For those who are looking for tropical locations, they choose Asian countries or somewhere in the Caribbean while others who are looking for excellent architectural backdrops choose modern cities or countries with preserved heritage.

If you are looking for a Wedding photographer Bay area who can do destination wedding photography or simple pre-wedding photography, there are several available out there. Apart from the photographer and the assistant photographer, majority of pre-wedding or destination photography services include professional artist who can make sure that the bride and groom look gorgeous on both still and moving photographs. Normally, the couple brings with them the clothes that they will be wearing for the shoot however there are photography services that allow the couple to rent suits and dresses. Regardless, a professional wedding photographer can create beautiful memories that will last for a lifetime.

Destination or pre-wedding photography is a great idea to make the big day extra special that is why it is very important to plan because there are a lot of possible things that can turn a destination wedding photography into a disaster. Things like bad weather or broken photography equipment can happen. It is very important to make a list and remember several factors in mind when doing a destination and pre-wedding photography. The key for a pre-wedding or destination wedding photography to become successful is planning. The shoots should be carefully planned and prepared ahead of time and not on an instant. It is normal to feel excited however, it is also very important to relax. Make sure that you and your partner both enjoy the photography experience and at the same time get the services of a wedding photographer who can make you feel comfortable during the photo shoots to create wonderful photos that look natural and not staged.

Choosing A Location For Your Wedding Photos

Most of the wedding photos today are not just taken in the church or the place of the ceremony and the reception area. There are also photos that are done in a different location and it focuses on the couple wearing their wedding attire. It is something that you will have forever to remind you about your special day. This is why Wedding photography Sydney based photographers make sure that the photos they take look great. Although some wedding planners can suggest a location where you can take the wedding photos it would really depend on your decision.

We all know that we are not all experts in photography and many may be confused with where to have their photo shoots taken. If you want to ask for advice about this, you should go and find a photographer to help you. They can help assess the place and they also can adjust working with it to make a perfect shot. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  1. Take note of the theme of the wedding – You should always make sure that the location you choose relates to your wedding theme. If your wedding theme is a classic rustic wedding, then you also have to find a place that has a rustic appeal and not the ones that feature modern architecture in them.
  2. Timing is crucial – Although a place looks divine during the summer, it may not look as good in the winter. Make sure that you check the place during the season of your wedding. Sometimes photo shoots can’t be possible on that site because of the danger it has like a cave near the sea. It may be a great location when the tide is low but not advisable when the tide is already rising
  3. Consider a backup plan – There are times that a place may not be available because of different causes or because of the weather. It is important that you consider another location as a backup in case your original location is no longer available. Thinking of a backup location as early as now will lessen the stress that you will be feeling when your first location suddenly becomes unavailable.
  4. Timeframe for the photo shoot – When your wedding photo shoot on a different locations is made in the same day as your wedding, you may have a limited amount of time because you wouldn’t want your visitors to keep waiting for you to arrive. Your family and friends expect you to be at the reception area and some of them are not willing to wait the whole day for you. Consider the time you will be taking in travelling to that place and the time you will be consuming in having your photos.

These are just some advices you should remember. As the bride or the groom, you have to work together with your partner because the photo shoot doesn’t just involve one person. It involves both of you in that location shot so consider each other’s preferences too.